Founded in 2002, Hand in Hand India is an Indian association dedicated to improving children’s education and employment among young people, thereby combatting child labour in India in a sustainable manner. In February 2019, Hand in Hand India received an award from the Indian government for its work in the fight against child labour, which has helped to provide over 300,000 children with access to state schools. The association currently operates in 16 Indian states and aims to create 5 million jobs by 2020 (3 million jobs have already been created).

Supported project: construction of a school canteen, benefiting Basavanali Primary School in Bangalore, India.
By providing a healthy and balanced meal for each of the 350 children aged 6 to 14, this project is promoting education in Bangalore and combatting child labour in a sustainable way.

As part of its school programme to combat child labour (“ the Child Labor Elimination Program “), the association made a diagnosis within Basavanali school and found that the conditions for storing, preparing and eating meals were inadequate to provide a healthy and balanced meal to each child. The dedicated spaces were too small and unsanitary.
The Foundation’s support is addressing the problem by building a spacious and safe building, consisting of a storage area and an eating area. Covering a total area of 100 square metres, this space makes it possible to prepare and distribute a meal to each student every day in decent hygienic conditions.