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International NGO L’Appel works on behalf of children’s health.
The charity developed a nutrition educational method called Nutricartes® to fight child malnutrition. Presented as card game, Nutricartes® is a fun and interactive way to learn. The method is clear, simple and easy to implement.

Initiative supported: Deployment of the Nutricartes method in six countries with high malnutrition rates.

The Foundation’s support helped deploy the program in six countries. The program aims to teach mothers how to prepare varied and balanced meals adapted to the nutritional needs of their young children, based on locally available food and financial resources. The idea is to encourage and support active family participation in the fight against child malnutrition.
An independent audit of the method and its outcomes will be carried out at the end of the two-year program.

Social impact: 15,000 mothers trained and made aware.
An international development NGO, Le Gret is involved in host of health, farming, water and other initiatives to deliver sustainable solutions for fair development..