Since 2004, volunteer organisation Racines d’Enfance has built nine kindergartens at the request of isolated village populations in Senegal. These facilities welcome children aged between 2 and 6, under the aegis of primary teachers trained by the Senegalese state. The organisation has been extending its support to a number of villages in Senegal since 2004.
In order to offer a daily lunch to the pupils of these schools, Racines d’enfance has been involved in specific action concerning school canteens since 2014.

Project supported: Installation of a canteen in the nursery school at Saal, Senegal.

In this rural region of Saal, the organisation identified a need for a school canteen for the children and staff, who were not able to have a balanced daily meal and had to wait till school was over to be able to eat lunch.

With the support of the Foundation, a vegetable garden has been set up and run by the village community. It provides fresh produce for the school kitchen, thereby allowing the children to enjoy a balanced meal daily. And as access to water is vital in order for the garden to function properly in the long term, a well was dug alongside the vegetable garden.

With better staff conditions for their early learning experiences, the children will find it easier to get to primary school, thereby increasing the school enrolment rate.

Social impact: 100 children aged under 6 will benefit from the project.