The French association Racines d’Enfance is dedicated to supporting the schooling and health of children in Senegal. Working exclusively in rural areas in close collaboration with local authorities, it has built ten nursery schools since 2004.
These pre-school facilities, which are very rare in rural areas, provide a safe environment for children aged 2 to 7 to assist them in their first steps towards school.
Since 2014, the association has developed specific activities around school canteens in each of these schools, offering a balanced lunch to children every day.

Supported project: strengthening the school canteen system in five nursery schools in Senegal.
The project must allow them to become self-sufficient, in particular by setting up school gardens that provide each of the 500 children with a balanced meal every day.

The Foundation’s support has made it possible to build the entire Sobeme school canteen. This involves the building of a fitted kitchen, as well as a food storage shop and a courtyard used as an eating area. A vegetable garden for supplies is being set up.
The Ndoss, Diagane Barka, Kumbal and Keur Assan nursery schools are also benefiting from the Foundation’s support.
Through the grant it has been possible to build and equip four playgrounds for the children and improve their comfort during lunch time. Meals will be served and eaten in a semi-covered eating area. Click here to know more about the Sobeme school.