Burkina Faso


Created in 2007, the Restaurants Sans Frontières association strives to provide financial support to local associations for the construction of fitted school canteens (consisting of a kitchen, a storage area and an eating area), and the creation of structures to manage resources sustainably (access to water, market gardening and food crops). Since its inception, 45 projects have been funded and implemented in 16 countries throughout Africa and Asia.

Supported project: construction of a canteen, benefiting the school in the village of Loanga, located in the central-eastern region of Burkina Faso.
The objective is to increase school enrolment in the Loanga region and ensure a balanced and healthy meal every day for each of the 450 children, aged 7 to 13.

A partner of Restaurants Sans Frontières, the Loanga Development Association has been involved in a sustainable food project for two schools in Loanga since 2017. In 2018, one of the schools was equipped with a canteen, a vegetable garden and a solar pump.
In 2019, the Foundation’s grant will enable Restaurants Sans Frontières and the Loanga Development Association to equip the second school with facilities as well as a 98-square-metre building, consisting of a kitchen, storage area and eating area. Involving and raising awareness among mothers is crucial to the project as it allows balanced meals to be prepared for each student while ensuring the long-term viability of the school canteen.