Solidarity N’Dem France is a French association whose aim is to meet the basic needs of the most fragile inhabitants of the N’dem region in Senegal, by providing financial and technical support to the N’dem villagers’ NGO. For the past ten years, the association has focused on improving access to health, education, drinking water, food and agro-ecology.

The project: The Foundation’s support helps to improve the catering conditions for the pupils of N’DEM’s primary and nursery schools and to diversify their meals.

A first phase of the project focuses on the rehabilitation of the primary school canteen and the kitchen of the toddlers’ hut. Important work will be carried out by the association in order to offer the 180 students healthier and more comfortable catering conditions.
A second component aims to sustainably improve the diet of these schoolchildren by promoting the local supply of vegetables, while introducing students to market gardening. A market gardening area with a total surface area of over 300 square metres will be set up and equipped within the primary school to supply the school canteen with organic fruit and vegetables. The nursery school will also have a vegetable garden with a surface area of 200 square metres.
Harvests and meals will be provided by school officials and volunteer mothers, who are highly involved in making this project a success.
This project aims to distribute two meals per week to the elementary school’s 150 pupils and one daily meal to the nursery school’s 30 students.