For 45 years, the NGO SOS SAHEL has been working to improve living conditions for people in sub-Saharan Africa. It provides special support to rural communities in the Sahel to help guarantee their food security. Thanks to its expertise in the field and with the help of a network of over 1,000 partners from a variety of complementary backgrounds (agronomists, technicians, experts, sociologists, journalists, etc.), SOS SAHEL works in particular in the fields of sustainable agriculture, access to water and capacity building for local players.

For several years now, SOS SAHEL has been setting up a number of NUTRISCO Clubs, notably in Burkina Faso, Chad and Senegal. In groups, volunteer pupils come together and learn about good hygiene, nutrition and farming practices through fun, interactive exercises. The harvests from the school gardens supply the canteens with fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks to this programme, both theoretical and practical, the children become genuine ambassadors for nutrition and can then share their knowledge within their communities. As such, these clubs are a powerful educational tool in combating malnutrition on a large scale.

A long-standing partner, the Foundation has been working alongside SOS SAHEL since 2015 to combat child malnutrition in Burkina Faso. In 2017 and 2021, the Bel Foundation supported the NGO in developing NUTRISCO Clubs.

The Foundation’s support in 2022 will provide the means to sustain the activities of the nine new NUTRISCO Clubs set up in 2021 in south-east Senegal, to improve food and nutritional security over the long term in the nine rural communities involved in the project.

What are the project’s expected results?

In total, at least 1,500 pupils will be taking part in the NUTRISCO Clubs and learning about good nutritional and hygiene practices throughout the school year.

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