For over 60 years, SOS Villages d’Enfants has had the mission of taking in orphaned or abandoned children or children whose family situation means they require foster care. The association is active in France and provides operational, administrative, strategic and financial support to several countries, particularly in West Africa, South-East Asia, Madagascar and Haiti. Having operated in Haiti for 40 years, SOS Villages d’Enfants is one of the last French NGOs to pursue its mission on the ground, among particularly deprived individuals. In order to take care of isolated children and to foster resilience among particularly vulnerable Haitian families, SOS Villages d’Enfants manages three SOS Villages d’Enfants branches and has developed a Family Reinforcement Programme (FRP) in Haiti.

The project: the Foundation’s support serves to strengthen 14 school canteens in Cap Haïtien by equipping kitchens and training mothers in nutrition as well as developing local market gardening activities.

At the heart of the project, 30 mothers are trained in nutrition, meal preparation and school canteen management. The project also provides support for about a hundred parents in market gardening for two consecutive years. Thanks to this project, 900 children between the ages of 3 and 6 will be able to enjoy two balanced meals every day. By involving families in the supply and preparation of meals, SOS Villages d’Enfants and the Foundation aim to secure lasting improvements in the quality of meals distributed to students, food autonomy for the 14 community centre canteens and financial independence for families in Cap Haitien.