For 20 years, Sport dans la Ville has been the leading organisation in France for professional integration through sport. Its range of programmes encourage the social and professional integration of 6,000 young people who have signed up.

Project supported: introduction of a nutrition programme for young people, in six French cities (Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry, St Etienne, Lille and Paris).
The aim is to raise awareness about health and a balanced diet for children active on the association’s sports grounds.

For 20 years, the educators from Sport dans la ville have been involved on a weekly basis in the priority neighbourhoods, offering free sports sessions for kids. The association’s teams have noticed an upsurge in child obesity due to a restructuring of their food regimen, in terms of both meal-times and the food they consume.
The Foundation’s grant would be used to train the people in charge of around thirty sports centres, so that they, in turn, can raise awareness among young people and their families about proper nutrition and doing more physical activity. Workshops to raise awareness about nutrition will also be held, during camps and holiday stays.

Social impact: 4,300 children, aged 6 to 17 will benefit from the awareness programmes and 1,500 families will be monitored.