The world’s leading NGO for the sponsorship of children, VISION DU MONDE France acts to help and protect the most vulnerable children. Thanks to sponsorship in particular, the association implements development programmes around food, water, health and education. The programmes are conducted on a long-term basis, with the emphasis placed on involving and empowering the local population..

Project supported: deployment of a programme to combat malnutrition in Senegal. The aim is to improve the nutrition and hygiene of children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The programme consists in helping families detect and treat cases of malnutrition themselves.

The Foundation is renewing its support for this project for a second year. The grant will make it possible to build and renovate four nutrition sites: these spaces, dedicated to meetings with children and mothers, are used to organize sessions aimed at detecting malnutrition and raising awareness about better nutrition.
A food loft will also be built, in order to store foodstuffs for the children: collected from local farmers and supplied by the families in the villages, the grain and oilseeds are reserved for children suffering from malnutrition. This system of community contribution ensures that the foodstuffs remain accessible all year round and at a reasonable price. Thanks to the stocks in the food loft and the workshops, the women can make use of their knowledge to prepare enriched, nutritional flours that will meet the needs of their children.

Social impact: 2,000 children under the age of 5 and 700 women will benefit from the programme.