An engagement platform

“Enabling everyone to make a commitment to society through their work”, this is the mission of the Vendredi engagement platform.

With Vendredi, company employees have access to a wide range of volunteering opportunities in their personal or professional time, all at the click of a button. There are over 2,500 associations listed in 30 countries !

Vendredi at Bel

At Bel, we encourage our employees to get involved by proposing them various actions. Getting involved for people and the planet means becoming part of tomorrow’s world!
This is why Bel offers access to the Vendredi platform. Volunteers can work anywhere in France, either on-site or remotely. On their own or as part of a team, in their personal or professional time, put their skills and time at the disposal of associations. With hundreds of assignments posted on the platform every month and a host of challenges, Bel employees are sure to find the right volunteering opportunity for them!

Since March 2020, more than 600 employees have signed up to the Vendredi platform and are committed to the causes that are dear to Bel: food, children, precariousness and the environment”.

Additional help for associations supported by the Bel Foundation

The Vendredi platform is also a way for employees to become more involved with the associations supported by the Bel Foundation. While the Foundation provides financial support to the associations, employees also have the opportunity to support them by offering their skills or time to these associations, a great way of perpetuating their company’s commitment.

The associations partners to be found on Vendredi :