Solidarity Christmas

A essential period for associations, the end-of-year festivities are another way for Bel and its Foundation to show their support for associations and to involve employees in two key events: the Christmas tree and the Christmas market, where solidarity is the central theme.

The Solidarity Christmas Tree

For over 10 years now, the Bel Group and its employees have been committed to SOS Children’s Villages through a concrete solidarity action. During the holiday season, they have the opportunity to get involved and to bring the Christmas spirit to the association’s beneficiaries. Let’s take a look back at this event, which is now unmissable for Bel’s employees.

First, the Bel Foundation designs a Christmas catalog, which it sent to each SOS village. The SOS Children’s Villages volunteers can then select the gifts that are most likely to please the children.

In a second phase, Bel employees in Suresnes are invited to take down from the Christmas tree a “letter to Santa Claus”, on which appears the gift they could give to an SOS Children’s Villages sibling.

Then Bel employees symbolically place the gifts in front of this Christmas tree, which are given to the children by the association during the Christmas season.

More than 200 employees took part in the operation and 860 children benefited from this demonstration of solidarity.

A big thank you to SOS Children’s Villages for organizing this Christmas event for children and to all Bel employees who get involved every year to perpetuate this beautiful tradition!

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As a token of thanks, the children drew pictures for the Bel employees !

Did you know that ?

The Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages have been partners since 2014 and act together internationally as well, to promote the well-being of the most fragile children.
Find out more about the projects supported in Madagascar in 2014, in Mali in 2015, in 2020 in Haiti, in 2021 for Ukrainian refugee families.

The Solidarity Christmas Market

Since 2021, associations have been invited to Bel’s head office for one day in December to propose their products to employees, a way for them to complete their Christmas shopping while doing a good deed !

Around ten associations have come together to offer their products, some of which are supported by the Bel Foundation, including Enfants du Mekong and its Soieries du Mékong project, Un enfant par la main, Christina Noble, Action Education, Le Rire Medecin, Mitsiky, Naturevolution and Helpsimus.

This solidarity market is also an opportunity for employees to meet and discover the associations supported by the Bel Foundation, but also to support them in their own way at the end of the year.


This year, 5 associations took part in our Christmas market, and we would like to extend our warmest thanks to each of them Sur le chemin de l’écoleEnfants du MékongRe-BelleRire Médecin and Les Puits Du Désert.