The French association Racines d’Enfance is dedicated to supporting children’s schooling and health in Senegal. Working exclusively in rural areas in close collaboration with local authorities, it has built ten nursery schools there since 2004. 
These pre-school facilities, which are very rare in rural areas, provide a safe environment for children aged 2 to 7 to assist them in their first steps towards school. 
Since 2014, the association has developed specific activities around school canteens in each of these schools, offering a balanced lunch to children every day.

The project: The Foundation is renewing its support for the association to enable it to consolidate the food supply of nine nursery schools in Senegal in the long run, by strengthening canteens and setting up vegetable gardens.

This project follows on from the partnership formed in 2019 between Racines d’Enfance and the Bel Foundation to strengthen the system of school canteens in five pre-schools. The Foundation’s support in 2020 therefore continues this partnership by allowing the construction and development of additional infrastructures, playgrounds for some schools, and refectories or storage facilities for others. The Foundation’s support also allows vegetable gardens to be established in nine schools. Each of these schools will also be provided with foodstuffs to supplement the vegetable garden produce, so that 900 schoolchildren can enjoy a balanced daily meal.

Through this project, Racines d’Enfance and the Foundation hope that each of the ten nursery schools will eventually be able to consume and resell their vegetable production and thus be self-sufficient in terms of food. To know more about the supported schools follow these links: Saal school, Wassadou school, Koar school, Ndoss school, Koumbal school, Keur-Assan school.

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